Lecture Notes
by Ling-Hsiao Lyu

Lyu Lecture Notes & New Book
Graduate Courses (in English)

Space Plasma Physics I

Space Plasma Physics II
Nonlinear Space Plasma Physics I
IDL Demo files
Undergraduate Courses (in English & Chinese)
Numerical Simulation of Space Plasma
Linear Algebra
Space Physics I (old)
Space Physics 1 (new--Working)
Introduction to Plasma Physics I
Thermodynamics (for students majory in space physics) (in English & Chinese)
Magnetospheric Physics
Heliospheric Physics
Solar Physics
Ionospheric Physics
Special Topics (in English & Chinese)
Aurora & Auroral Substorms
Magnetospheric Substorms
Shock Waves
Solitary Waves
Non-MHD Structures of the MHD Discontinuities
Magnetic Storms
Velocity-Shear Instability
Convective Instability
Laser Plasma Physics
Public Outreach Talks (in English & Chinese)
Solar System
Space Observation and Space Life
Space Weather

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