Department of Space Science & Engineering
National Central University



2022/12/0216:30S4-917Changing the space ecosystem through launchMonica Jan
(Senior Director, Strategy & Customer Experience Virgin Orbit)
The Quest to Image Supermassive Black Holes
Ming-Tang Chen
(Astronomy and Astrophysics in Academia Sinica, ASIAA)
2022/08/0511:00S4-807Ionospheric lunar phase effects observed by GNSS total electron content吳宗祐
2022/07/119:30R2-223-2Integration of multi-sources data for rapid food security assessment in post-disaster regions王良辰
2022/06/0214:00S4-917A Study on Auroral Precipitating Particles in Terms of Energy Channels沈涵文
2022/05/1310:00S4-817-1Implementation of Hardware in-the-loop Test Platform for Spacecraft Electrical Power Subsystem林品安
Using impacts to investigate the lunar surface and crust
Dr. Ya Huei Huang
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences)
2022/03/2214:00S4-917Effects of convection on the composition and circulation of the lower stratosphereDr. Kai-Wei Chang
(Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University)
2022/01/0713:00S4-811衛星姿態控制與球型馬達技術分享顏伯勳 執行長
(張量科技股份有限公司 CEO, Tensor Tech Co., LTD)
2021/12/1013:00S4-811Space Law?!-太空(空間)法簡介Jessika Ko
(Attorney at Law, 東吳大學法律系 兼任助理教授)
2021/11/2611:00S4-817-1Flight Software and Firmware Design of IDEASSat/INSPIRESSat-2戴子雅
2021/07/1910:00Google Meet動態視星等之星象辨識演算法林崇聖
2021/04/3013:30S4-811Phased Array Technologies in Space Industry王毓駒 執行長
2021/04/2313:30S4-811如何花10年將金寶打造成東南亞LOCAL KING & 低軌衛星故事沈軾榮 副董事長
2021/04/1613:30S4-8115G mmWave 毫米波技術的發展應用張書維 總經理
2021/04/0913:30S4-811資通訊產業的發展趨勢-我國重要網通產業政策柯献堂 博士
(經濟部工業局網通產業發展專案辦公室 顧問)
2021/01/2214:00S4-917Space Habitat Design and Evaluation with Alternative Reality TechnologiesMichelle Shu-Yu Lin
(Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
2021/01/1514:00S4-811南極系列講座 - 後篇Cissi Lin 林映岑
2020/12/2815:00S4-811Do “hidden heavy ions” play an important role in the polar wind study?林渼芸 博士候選人
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)
2020/12/2514:00S4-811揭開去南極的神秘面紗 - 前篇
Unveil the Mystery of Going onto the Ice-Part I
Cissi Lin 林映岑
2020/12/1814:00S4-811Studies of plasma jets generated from conical-wire arrays driven by a 1-kJ pulsed-power system張博宇 助理教授
(國立成功大學 太空與電漿科學研究所)
2020/12/715:00S4-811Energy Dependence of Electron Field-Aligned Anisotropy During Dipolarization at Earth’s Tailside汪愷悌 教授
(淡江大學 航空太空工程學系)
2020/12/414:00S4-811台灣遙測衛星的發展與現況陳晉瑋 博士
(國家實驗研究室 國家太空中心)
2020/12/314:00S4-810The Effects of Temperature Anisotropy on Two-Dimensional Earth’s Magnetopause Structures陳冠文
2020/11/1314:00S4-811Construction and Application of the 100-TW Laser System in NCU朱旭新 副教授
2020/11/0614:00S4-811少年阿伯的太空夢吳宗信 教授
(國立交通大學機械工程學系 特聘教授、國立交通大學「前瞻火箭研究中心」)
2020/10/3014:00S4-811The AMS-02 experiment and the UTTPS project楊毅 教授
2020/10/1614:00S4-811閃電與電離層陳炳志 教授
2020/09/2514:00S4-811Turbulence Spectra of Electron Density and Magnetic Field Fluctuations in-situ measured by Voyager 1 in the Local Interstellar Medium李昆翰 博士
(中央研究院 地球科學研究所)
2020/09/1814:00S4-811學術自主太空推進技術的發展與挑戰趙怡欽 教授
(國立成功大學航空太空工程學系 講座教授)
Airglow Chemistry - Current and Future Work
黃泰瑩 教授
Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for the Research of Groundwater and Slope Disasters

A Study of Medium-and-Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasma

2020/06/1914:00S4-917Applications of Rockets: Launch Vehicles and Missions 張豪
(晉陞太空科技股份有限公司 副總經理)
2020/06/1214:00S4-917Introduction to Rockets: History and Core Technology 張豪
(晉陞太空科技股份有限公司 副總經理)
2020/06/0110:30S4-917Multi-instrument studies of Titan: Estimates of the Atmospheric Escape Rates of CH4 and the "Average" Ionospheric Model許仁愷
Heat Treatment and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy
(金屬工業研究發展中心 精微成形研發處處理組)
2020/01/1711:00S4-811Classifying Seyfert galaxies with deep learning Yen-Chen Chen
(ICRA and Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universita di Roma)
2020/01/0810:00R3-111Analysis and Improvement of Soot Impacts on Satellite Retrievals of Aerosol Property張國恩
2020/01/0711:00S4-811Analytical Theory of Current Sheet Structure in Magnetic ReconnectionProf. C. Z. Cheng
(Department of Advanced Energy, University of Tokyo, Japan and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, USA)