Lyu's IDL example programs and output files

IDL 2-D Demo last updated 04/23/2009

IDL 3-D Demo last updated 11/10/2007


Color Table, PS Fonts, User Define Symbol last updated 11/10/2007

Filename Descriptions
loadct.jpg color table test PS fonts in IDL


output of
ps convert to jpg plot user defined circle symbol
IDL_PSYM8.PS output of


Download old-version IDL 6.3 manual "IDL Reference Guide"

Download old-version IDL 6.3 manual "IDL Quick Reference"

< IDL was sold to ITT after IDL version 7.0 >

Excute the "IDLHelp" in your itt folder or subfolders, and use the "arrows" on the lower-right conner to read the IDL manual.

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