IDL 3-D Demo

last updated 11/10/2007

Filename Descriptions

Data files for the following test*.pro
download only, don't open it isosurfaces of 0.5*extrema isosurfaces of 0.25*extrema isosurfaces of 0.125*extrema isosurfaces of 0.0625*extrema isosurfaces of 0.5+0.25+0.125*extrema
isosurface_12ab.tiff A snapshot of the XOBJVIEW window rotate Axis
axis.jpg XOBJVIEW_WRITE_IMAGE output (jpeg)
axis.tiff XOBJVIEW_WRITE_IMAGE output (tiff)
modified_axis.tiff modified tiff file
smallGrab_axis.tiff Grab Screen
largeGrab_axis.tiff Grab Screen


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