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Exploring the Space Environment and Building University Spaceflight Capacity

Our laboratory works to understand the physics controlling the structure and variability of the middle and upper atmosphere that form the operational environment for spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit, while also affecting satellite navigation and communications. We are also working to develop and operate small satellite missions that will help to observe this region, while also providing nessecary operations and data analysis support. We operate a Spacecraft Prototype Lab for development, integration, and testing of small satellites, as well as a Mission Operations Center that is used for flight control and communications with our spacecraft. As part of the NCU Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering, we are working to build and operate Taiwan's first university space center.  Together with our collegues in the International Satellite Project for Research and Education (INSPIRE), we are working to jointly build and operate a constellation of small satellites for science and hands-on education in space science and engineering. 

本實驗室運用衛星及地面儀器觀測、外加電腦模型來探索構成低地球軌道太空環境的中層、高層大氣物理,以及其對衛星通訊與導航的影響。我們另外以也與國際同仁合作開發小型衛星執行科學任務,並為現有衛星任務提供作業、太空天氣、資料分析支援工作。我們的衛星原型實驗室進行小型衛星開發、整測,同時在衛星任務作業中心進行衛星通訊與飛控。身為中大太空科學與科技研究中心的一份子,我們也致力於建構台灣第一座大學太空中心。 我們也跟我們在國際研究教學衛星計畫學術聯盟(INSPIRE)的友校一起發展小型衛星星系來做科學研究,並且為學生提供太空科學與工程的實作經驗。

The Earth's middle and upper atmosphere extends from the tropopause near 10 km altitude, to altitudes as high as 1000 km. This atmospheric region is important for understanding spacecraft operational conditions in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), spacecraft reentry, as well as terrestrial and satellite radio communications. The middle and upper atmosphere also form an important part of the Sun-Earth connection and the Earth System, shielding us from solar UV radiation, reflecting the effects of global climate change, and forming part of the general circulation of the atmosphere as a whole.

地球的中層、高層大氣從 10 公里高度的對流層頂延伸到 1000 公里高度的外氣圈。本大氣區域構成低軌道(LEO)人造衛星的作業環境,並直接影響衛星再入大氣層以及地面、衛星遠距離無線通訊。中層、高層大氣也形成我們對太陽紫外線的保護層、反應氣候變遷、並構成大氣環流的一節,形成地球系統重要的一環。


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