Space Plasma Physics I [SS-6043]
Instructor: Ling-Hsiao Lyu (Tel.: ext. 65771, Office Room#S4-836)
Class hours: Wednesday 10:00-13:00
Office hours: Monday 9:00-10:00

Class Outline:

1. Introduction to Plasma Physics
2. Single-Particle Motions
3. Introduction to Kinetic Plasma Physics
4. Introduction to Fluid Plasma Physics
5. Linear Waves in Magnetohydrodynamic Plasma
6. Linear Waves in Ion-Electron Two-Fluid Plasma

Reference Books:
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  2. Krall, N. A., and A. W. Trivelpiece (1973), Principles of Plasma Physics, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York.
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Evaluation: Homework, Midterm Examination, Final Examination & Project Reports