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PDF with the full program, including presentation times. (Version: July 16, 2016)


July 20, 2016

Welcome / Program Intro Loren Chang (NCU)
International Satellite Program in Research and Education: An Overview Amal Chandran (CU)
Space Science and Engineering at NCU Loren Chang (NCU)
Space Missions at LASP Michael McGrath (CU)
IIST Small Satellites Priyadarshnam, Kaustubh Kandi (IIST)
How KyuTech can test your CubeSats George Maeda (KyuTech)
YAMSAT-2 & 3 CubeSat Platforms Chen-Joe Fong (NSPO)
Mission Operations at LASP with Students Jennifer Reiter (CU)
Professional Mentoring for Student Flight Projects, A System Engineer’s Experience Rick Kohnert (CU)
Lessons learned on International Scientific and Educational CubeSat missions Jordan Vannitsen (ODYSSEUS)

July 21, 2016

DWTS (Doppler Wind and Temperature Sounder) Measurements: Advantages, challenges and in-orbit calibration solutions Larry Gordley (GATS)
The MinXSS CubeSat - A Student Project James Mason (CU)
Quaternion transformation for satellite attitude control Priyadarshnam (IIST)
Advanced Ionospheric Probe Proposed for CubeSat Platform Chi-Kuang Chao (NCU)
Space Research : Perspective from SPL-ISRO Tarun Kumar Pant (ISRO)
Multi-spectral observation by using HPT on RISESAT Ming-Hsin Chang (NCU)
INSPIRESat-1 Preliminary Design: NCU Cornelius Csar Jude H. Salinas (NCU)
INSPIRESat-1 Preliminary Design: CU Linda Schmidt & Amanda Slagle (CU)
INSPIRESat-1 Preliminary Design: IIST Kaustubh Kandi (IIST)

July 22, 2016

ODYSSEUS (video) Jordan Vannitsen (ODYSSEUS)
Ongoing Space Weather Operational Program in Taiwan I-Te Lee (CWB)


Workshop activities requiring sign up include a welcome banquet, as well as a tour of the Taiwan National Space Organization (NSPO) facilities in Hsinchu. We ask that you please sign up by Monday, July 18.

The welcome banquet is complementary for registered participants, and will be held from 18:00 - 20:00 July 20 at the Hsin Tao Fang Restaurant near NCU.

The NSPO tour is scheduled for the morning of July 22, with transportation from NCU provided. Due to national security restrictions, the NSPO facility is not open to People's Republic of China nationals. Your understanding is appreceated.

Questions? Contact the Local Organizing Committee.