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What is INSPIRE?

Spearheaded by the University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (CU), the International Satellite Program in Research and Education (INSPIRE) joins students, instructors, universities, and space agencies across specialties and across the globe in an ambitious endeavor to educate new engineers and scientists, build and launch new space missions, and drive leading-edge scientific discovery.

INSPIRE aims to establish a long-term academic program for developing a constellation of small satellites and a global network of ground stations for small satellite operations. The program provides a novel pathway to raise the technology readiness level of new instrument and spacecraft sub-system concepts and fly instrument and spacecraft prototypes. INSPIRE trains students to build fight hardware, design spacecraft, and conduct mission operations and scientific data analysis in an inter-disciplinary program that blends science, engineering, and management, and offers a pathway to produce PhDs in engineering and sciences through its multi-year space missions.

Benefits of INSPIRE

There is a general consensus in the scientific community that significant gaps exist in our understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere in quantifying climate change effects, atmospheric coupling processes, and the impact of space weather on climate. INSPIRE aims to provide a constellation of Earth and space weather observing satellites to address some of these questions. INSPIRE will offer participating institutes the opportunity for cutting edge research in the Earth sciences.

INSPIRE will lead to the development of an innovative three- year course curriculum on spacecraft design and space systems engineering. The program aims to progress from concept to flight in three years, providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student involvement in small satellite design, building, and operation. A sustained student exchange program will help students gain cross-cultural experience while working together on spacecraft sub-systems and instrument development.

Current INSPIRE Partners

INSPIRE is a consortium consisting of the following universities:

Ground station partners include:

Project collaborators include:

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