Triangulation of transient luminous events (TLEs) and its applications


Kang-Ming PENG1, Rue-Ron HSU1, Han-Tzong SU1, Alfred CHEN1, Jung-Kung CHOU1, Shu-Chun CHANG1, Yen-Jung WU1, Chien-Lun HUNG2, I-Ching YANG3, Sung-Hui TSAI4
1 National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 2 National Penghu University, Taiwan, 3 National Taitung University, Taiwan, 4 Kinmen Jin-Cheng Junior High School, Taiwan


Coordinate optical observation campaigns on TLEs near Taiwan are held since 2011 with the aim to triangulate TLEs. Currently, there are four stations with baseline varying from 100 to 400 km between them. Due to the length of baselines and the TLE occurring locations, the earth curvature needed to be taken into account by means of spherical trigonometry method. The projecting location on the earth, initiating height, branching points and the termination height of gigantic jets are retrieved through the azimuthal and elevation angle obtaining from the video frames. Our optical observation systems recorded 48 various types of TLEs on the night of 20 August 2014, with five of them being gigantic jets that were recorded by at least two stations.  The preliminary results shows the gigantic jets occurred over the northern Taiwan and the accuracy of geolocation is less than 1 km. The accuracy of the retrieval height on the key structures is less than 0.5 km. The same method is applied to the other TLEs recorded on 2013/08/09 and 2014/08/20.